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Simulation Education in Healthcare is a Course

Simulation Education in Healthcare


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Full course description

Healthcare simulation allows students to learn and practice skills in a safe environment without involving real patients. It also exposes students to experiences similar to those that take place in a true clinical setting. Do you need to learn how to develop a simulation that suits your professional setting and needs? The lessons in this six-week course, will teach you how to integrate simulation into your program, develop effective scenarios, and conduct productive debriefing sessions.


Module 1: Simulation and Scenario Development

  • Identify content and skills needed for simulation
  • Create simulation objectives
  • Identify type of fidelity appropriate for the simulation design
  • Determine elements essential for creating simulation realism
  • Obtain tools necessary for scenario development and implementation

Module 2: Simulation Facilitation and Integration

  • Identify principles of effective facilitation
  • Determine strategies to promote integration within the given environment
  • Apply effective facilitator characteristics to simulation

Module 3: Principles of Simulation Debriefing

  • Examine the importance of debriefing in simulation-based learning
  • Recognize the process and essential elements of debriefing
  • Identify instructor and student roles in debriefing
Susan L. Hebert,
Rachael Hodges,